How to take care of your Hair Extensions

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This is so important and doesn’t take a lot of time. It is a recipe for all kind of hair extensions such as Microbead extensions, Microring extensions, Tape-in extensions and wefts. With taking care of your extensions you help the longevity of them and protecting the health of your own hair. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your locks in perfect condition:

  • never wash your hair upside down
  • use conditioner and masks only from mid shaft to ends 
  • use a brush without any knobs on top of the bristle, or an extension brush
  • put your hair in one or two braids when you go to sleep and when you work out 
  • before going in the ocean or pool rinse your hair with clean cold water. This helps to close the hair cuticles and fills it with clear water. It helps to prevent mineral build up in your hair and discoloration. 
  • Additionally I recommend using a UV protection spray for the hair when you are on vacation and a conditioner spray. 
  • Use a silk pillowcase, this helps to keep your cuticle shiny and smooth and prevents detangling your hair 
  • use a silk hair tie and not a rubber band to prevent breakage 
  • Always come in for your adjustment appointment. For Microbead extensions it is between 2-5 month depending on your own hair growth and condition of your hair. For tape-in extensions it’s is usually 6-8 weeks until you need to come back
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