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Style up Your Hair with Extension Beverly Hills Newport Beach

The excitement of having long and luscious hair is always a must for every woman. At Extensions Beverly Hills aka Madeleine Johnson, Newport Beach, I understand how important it is to get the best hair extension installation service. You certainly would not want to take up some random person’s services and waste your money and get your hair damaged. You can visit me for the perfect hair extension installation service. Call me at (310) 699-7726 to book an appointment. 

Get the Best Hair Extension Service Newport Beach 

Choosing the best hair extension installation service in Newport Beach is essential to get that perfect looking natural hair. Extensions Beverly Hills aka Madeleine Johnson offers a variety of hair extension methods so that I can accommodate every client’s individual hair type and texture. I specialize in various methods of extensions and trained under celebrity extension artist Violet Teriti (Chaviv Hair) for correct installation, maintenance, and removal methods. I gained the expertise to perform different extensions applications and the art of mix and match colors to compliment the hair and style. I also help to shape haircut for your hair and the extensions once they are installed to ensure a seamless blend. Whether you are looking to fill in thin spots, get volume or fullness, or luxurious length, I am here for all hair extension needs. I use only the best quality Russian, Slavic hair for hair extensions. 

Why Choose Extensions Beverly Hills in Newport Beach?

Getting hair extensions can be exciting and can give you a much-needed confidence boost. Here are a few reasons why choose Extensions Beverly Hills for your extensions. Unlike many salons that charge up thousands of dollars, I offer the same professional quality at a much more affordable price. I am a certified, experienced, and professional hair extension specialist using the best quality hair to glam up your look. Apart from this, I offer consultation to help you explore what options and application method works best for you. 

So, buckle up and get your appointment booked with me at Extensions Beverly Hills Newport Beach. 

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