What are the extension methods you recommend?

I recommend Microbead hair extensions or Tape-in extensions. Both are gentle to your own hair and you can reuse the hair.

How long does is take to do Microbead extensions?

It depends on the amount of hair we add. It can take between 45min to 3hrs.

How long do Microbead extensions last?

They last between 2-6 month until the hair needs to be adjusted.

What kind of hair do you use with Microbead extensions?

I use Russian virgin hair. This hair is by far the best quality hair and can be reused.

How do I wash my Microbead extensions?

Best is to put Shampoo on your fingertips and gently glide your fingers trough the rows. Then gently massage shampoo into your hair. Don’t wash your hair overhead! You want to avoid tension on your scalp because water will make your hair heavier. Also that way you avoid creating tangles.
After shampoo you should use a moisturizing conditioner. Please use conditioner only on your mid shaft and ends. Avoid roots so the conditioner doesn’t go into your bead.

In what length, colors and textures do Microbead hair extensions (Russian virgin hair) come?

They do come in all kind of lengths, textures and colors.

Can I wear my hair up with Microbead extensions?

You absolutely can since we leave the hairline out. You then have enough hair to cover up the beads.

How do you remove Microbead extensions?

I use a special tool, pliers and makes the bead round again so the hair extension slides out.

How long does it take to install Tape-in extensions?

It depends on how many pieces are being used. I would say between 30min-2hrs.

Can I color my own hair and the Microbead extensions?

Absolutely you can. You can color your roots and also color the extensions since it is 100% real hair.

What are Tape-in extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds.

How long do Tap- in extensions last?

I suggest my clients to come back every 6 to 8 weeks

Are Tape-in extensions reusable?

Yes they are.You can reuse the hair many times with proper home care.

How do you remove Tape-in extensions?

With a special extensions removal spray.

Can I wear my hair up with Tap-in extensions?

I would avoid putting the hair up for the first 7 days and wear it in a lower ponytail instead. After that you are free to wear your hair up.